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Analysis on the Prospect of Gold Jewelery Electric Business cheap pandora Cubic Zirconia stones
Electric business advantage to stimulate consumption
Internet and the physical industry compared to the most obvious advantage is to break the geographical restrictions, so that the industrial chain flat, reducing the number of intermediate links,Cheap Silver Station Necklace Black Onyx Oxidised Silver Necklace
buyers can get the corresponding benefits, gold jewelry online shopping is also the case, the price of transparency , So that more people keen on online shopping, to stimulate the development of the gold industry is conducive to stabilize the industry pandora st christopher charm.
80,90 after changing consumption habits

With the development of the market and shopping age changes, “80”, “90” will gradually become the main purchase, and their spending habits are more inclined to online consumption, which is why many traditional gold enterprises at the expense of electricity Business operations team, just to cater to the new user’s consumption,pandora exclusive charms  but also the trend of the times.
Electricity costs lower than the line
At present, the jewelry industry is still affected by the overall economic environment in the recession period, e-commerce has become almost gold jewelry consumption “life-saving straw”,pandora charms catalogue  line operations by shop rent, staff employment and other squeeze, high costs lead to many traditional gold enterprises gradually Close many stores, e-commerce has a transaction without geographical restrictions, there is no rental occasions, the rent pressure, the need to hire fewer staff and other characteristics, as gold enterprises are convinced that the expansion of sales channels.
Gold hedge couple pandora charms
The characteristics of gold, is able to barrier-free across borders, its hedging ability is beyond doubt, many “Chinese aunt” across the sea to buy gold. In foreign countries, such as Europe, the US electricity business platform can be docked in the origin of the gold inventory and carry out network wholesale and retail bracelets for women pandora . Retail giant Gome also vigorously joined the gold sales competition, through the all-owned O2O platform and line under the gold store with the composition of the existing line of physical stores under the experience of sales, online display sales, the club interactive sales of multi-channel gold sales mode.
Internet age view of gold users

Traditional gold companies should actively explore the O2O new marketing model, and through the escalating business platform to cover more target audience. Developed as a customer can be online platform selection,
pandora outlet set aside goods, provide free lettering, personal customization, jewelry cleaning services, and then to the offline experience to buy or enjoy door-to-door service, more in line with individual needs.
Analysis on Distribution of Gold Jewelery Shop Mall
2016 – 2017 gold jewelry industry brand shop situation
2017 website database a total of 170 stores, of which the brand flagship store (brand direct sales) of the shop accounted for the most than the total, reaching 56, followed by Jingdong flagship store,gold pandora charms cheap  included 48 stores, small brands online shop included Shop for the 28, Suning flagship store included 17 stores, Jingdong self-included online shop for 12, No. 1 shop included shop for 7, brand stores included 6 stores, Dangdang included online shop for 3, the United States online online shop for the two.

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