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disney limited edition pandora charms pandora Mother’s Day

Abstract: China International Jewelery Show is held at the China International Exhibition Center and the National Convention Center. The exhibition covers an area of ​​75,000 square meters and nearly 4,200 booths. minnie mouse pandora bracelet It brings together more than 1,800 countries from 23 countries and regions such as the United States, Britain and Italy. Exhibitors exhibitors, is the largest in mainland China, the industry’s most influential jewelry event. The exhibition, produced in Australia, the world’s largest natural gold gold world appearance limited edition minnie mouse pandora charm .
Abstract: Swarovski’s natural gemstones and gemstones brand SWAROVSKI GEMS ™ at the Hong Kong Jewelery Show held in Hong Kong jewelery exhibition bright debut, bright debut, the first show “Swarovski color diamond color zircon – drilling color Zircon ”

(Left to right) supermodel Lin Li demonstration London jewelry designer Sarah Ho works; supermodel Zhuang Si-min demonstration by the star designer Deng Dazhi design, studded with Swarovski precious stones crown
Swarovski’s pandora disney princess collection Natural Gemstone and Artificial Gem Brand SWAROVSKI GEMS ™ 2011 Hong Kong Jewelery & Gem Fair 2011 at the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition 2011 Brightly unveiled, the first show “Swarovski Color Diamond Zircon – Drill Zircon Hyun Color “(SWAROVSKI Zirconia Diamond Colors – Pure Brilliance). SWAROVSKI GEMS ™ invited celebrities Lin Li and Zhuang Simin at the September 21 exhibition to showcase jewelery from famous jewelery designers disney pandora charms sale  from around the world. SWAROVSKI GEMS ™ gem creative director Birgit Rieder more special from Austria to Hong Kong to attend the exhibition; the famous London jewelry designer Sarah Ho, Hong Kong famous jewelery designer Jessica Fong and star designer Deng Dazhi William Tang also attended the support. SWAROVSKI GEMS ™ also introduces Gem Visions 2012 at the show to advance the trend of jewelry design in the coming year pandora disney collection charms .

(Left to right) Chairman of the Hong Kong Jewelery Designer Association Jessica Fong, London famous jewelry designer Sarah Ho, Swarovski gem creative director Birgit Rieder

G-Link Jewelry Zheng Chen Manzhi, Zhuang Simin, Deng Dazhi
Zhuang Tang Min Demonstrated Hong Kong famous designer Deng Dazhi William Tang recently exhibited in London: Butterflies at Night (butterfly night), disney mickey pandora charms this section of the gemstone crown with thousands of Swarovski color diamond color made of zircon, made Colorful butterflies dancing in the evening, this work in London when the show, disney pandora exclusive charms get a lot of reverberation, the designer of the Swarovski Choi color diamond and pure silver perfect combination. “I really like jewelry with SWAROVSKI GEMS ™ gemstones, and the crown and earrings of William Tang, which we wear today, are really gorgeous, and I am particularly fond of purple and pink,” she said, adding that the crown is worth $ 880,000. Gem, recently I saw SWAROVSKI GEMS ™ launched Gem Visions 2012 special issue, which has a lot of jewelry works around the world works,pandora disney jewelry  I also hope that the future also have the opportunity to design their own jewelry.
The name of Lin Li demonstrated the famous jewelry designer in London, Sarah Ho works, Sarah Ho using SWAROVSKI GEMS ™ color diamond color zircon designed a decorative art style gorgeous necklace, earrings and finger sets, fashion design alone, Showing the perfect light of color diamond. “I like Sarah Ho,disney pandora charms cinderella  which is designed with British Bond Street-style jewels, both classic and easy-to-use,” said Lin Li. “I liked nature-themed jewelery, such as Jessica Fong’s design Swallow refers to the neck and neck, natural gemstones colorful, lovely and elegant.

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