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Abstract: pearls, jewelry in the queen, is a woman jewelry box essential jewelry  cheap pandora necklace . No diamonds bright shiny, no colorful treasure gorgeous, but the most understanding of the woman sinking beauty of the heart, the most just right to set off the beauty of different colors and different charm, pandora gold and silver charms  is an elegant woman with the holy goods. However, the origin of pearls is very much, the origin of different pearl quality is not the same? Where is the best pearl produced? Xiaobian below for everyone to introduce in detail.
Where the quality of the pearl produced the best pearl origin where the good pandora in store sale  

Currently o n the market the most common pearls are: freshwater pearls, Chinese sea pearls (also known as Nanzhu), Japanese sea pearls (ie, Japan akoya pearls), Tahitian black pearls, Nanyang pearl five.


1, freshwater pearls pandora bracelets with charms already on
Mainly produced in China Zhuji, Changde, Suzhou, Jiangxi, Hubei, Anhui area. More than 95% of the world’s freshwater pearls are produced in China. Zhuji City, Zhejiang Province, China has the largest pearl trading market and pearl breeding base, the total cheap pandora Cubic Zirconia stonesoutput accounted for more than half of the total output 14kt gold charms for bracelets , known as “China Pearl Township.” Freshwater pearls are seedless, pearl shape is very bad control, so the shape of this category of pearls are generally not round, more oval, flat round, button-shaped, drop-shaped and irregular, etc. Surface wrinkles and more. Round freshwater pearls are not no, but very rare, while the category of pearl luster and no water pearl so crystal kiwi bird pandora charm . But because of the production of pearls, a mother can generally produce 30-40 pearls, the price is relatively affordable, so freshwater pearls is also very popular a category of pearls.
2, Chinese sea pearls
Is the Pearl of the mother of pearl production, the main origin for the South China Sea, Guangxi Hepu, Guangxi Beihai, Guangdong Zhanjiang area, which produced by the North Sea in Guangxi Hepu charms for bracelets pandora style  Pearl is the most famous. Chinese seawater pearl huge rounded, pure texture, crystal eye-catching, glamorous and charming, known as the country’s treasures, famous at home and abroad pandora monkey zodiac charm . The world has always been “West beads as Dongzhu, Dongzhu as Nanzhu” argument, we can see the quality of China’s sea pearls is very good.
3, the Japanese sea pearls
Origin is mainly Japan’s triple, male, Ehime Prefecture area Seto Inland Sea, by Ma’s shell production. Japanese sea pearl mother of pearl shellfish is the North Sea in Guangzhou Beihai wild shellfish, through the breeding of nuclear breeding from the strict sense of akoya pearls and beads are the same species,essence pandora  Nanzhu is the originator of akoya. But because Japan is basically picking a strong maternal, training technology is also better than China, plus Japan has a strict quality control of pearls, so under normal circumstances Japan’s akoya pearl quality will be better than China a little bit. Akoya pearls in the international leo pandora charm community also enjoy a very high reputation.

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