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Shenzhen Ai Dier Jewelery Co., Ltd.,pandora sale charms  products to full of inspiration and design of the superb technology known, listed companies, engaged in rings, earrings, pendants, such as the design, production and sales enterprises
IDEAL design is located in the urban women, to full of inspiration design and superb technology to show the beauty of women. In the respect for fashion, the pursuit of interest today,pandora charm bracelet sale  IDEAL is not only love eternal and holy synonymous, but also advertised the “discovery of inspiration, happy in which” attitude to life, but also annotated the “mortal can also have extraordinary charm” philosophy of life. Style clearly lead to a discovery in the ordinary self, the release of the true life experience, pandora bracelet with charms for sale the women from the boring skull freed, into a bright and interesting good realm.

IDEAL The inspiration of the messenger is leading more women to find inspiration, where the music has extraordinary charm. Because, IDEAL always know: what you want; because, you always know: In fact, just some small embellishment, life can shine.
Shenzhen Ai Dier Jewelery Co., pandora rings jewelry Ltd. since April 2002 since the official operation, adhere to the “love” as the footnote to “extraordinary” as the commanding heights of the cultural direction, adhere to the “brand building as the center, to build a scientific management system, excellent The win-win team and the quality of the market network, as a care service to guide the extraordinary company “strategic approach, in January 2015 successfully listed, open the development of new journey, stock code 002740 gold pandora earrings .
2003 Yi Deer jewelry through the ISO9001 international quality system certification, the same year to become members of the Shanghai Diamond Exchange, 2004-2006 to join the movie star Jiang Wenli as spokesperson, in 2007 to set up the party branch and become the CPC Central Committee Organization Department pilot units, 2009 – 2012 to hire performances Artist Pu Cunxin as the spokesperson,  pandora silver and gold bracelet in 2013 to hire singer Sa Ding endorsement products, has become the national, provincial and municipal industry associations executive director of the unit.
As of September 2015, Ai Deer jewelry has more than 200 cities in the city has nearly 400 brand outlets; and SWAROVSKI, Aston Martin jewelry and the International Platinum Association, the original International Palladium Association and other international companies and organizations to form a strategic cooperation in the market Partners; and Tianjin University of Commerce, gold pandora bracelet with charms Changchun Institute of Technology, Shenzhen Higher Vocational and Technical College, China University of Geosciences (Wuhan), Guilin University of Technology and other 11 colleges and universities jointly set up a strategic partnership of talent; and China concerned about the next generation of work committee public culture Center, “Shenzhen Youth” magazine, etc. gold pandora bracelet charms  formed a “love” cultural strategy partners.

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