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what stores sell pandora bracelets

Italian jewelry brand BUCCELLATI in Italy has two hundred years of long history,pandora pig charm  the title of the goldsmith prince, is the Vatican Pope ordered the only manufacturer of holy vessels. And for many years in the luxury brand list ranked the top three jewelry category. Buchratati was founded in 1919, bringing together from different countries, different areas of real art of wisdom, these wisdom and nourish the history of the brand and today, making it a veritable jewelry art family pandora bridesmaid charm . New York luxury goods research and research institutions have been in the high-end consumer groups on the 20 top jewelry brands for the “luxury value index” survey. The results show that Buccarati wins in the light of Pokemon, Bvlgari, De Beers, Earl, Tiffany and Van Cleef & Arpels, with Harry Winston and Cartier respectively occupying the top three positions. Bucilati jewelry show to the world, not only is luxurious and exquisite, it is implied on the art of deep thinking. Completely handmade pandora horseshoe charm , authentic weave carved gold craft, rich historical atmosphere … … perhaps, in the traditional and valuable today, it is these qualities to make Bucilati get popular.

Italy is one of the most influential countries in Europe by the Renaissance, and more than five hundred years ago, the cultural thought almost penetrated all of Italy’s handicraft production, especially in the jewelry industry. Mario has been obsessed with the Renaissance Italian cultural heritage, all the art from the Renaissance, he inherited down pandora 18 charm , and with their own understanding to carry forward. In 1919, Mario opened his first store in Milan and was located on the site of a prestigious 20-year-old jewelery academy in Milan. With his superb craftsmanship and perfect design, he soon became famous in Europe, and won the “Golden Prince” reputation. Italy, Spain, Belgium, and even Egypt and other royal family, nobles have to order jewelry, pandora charms blue even the Pope of the Vatican has become his customers. Soon, his store is more than all over Italy, the other side of the Atlantic New York and Palm Beach also began to accept the jewelry brand from the Mediterranean.
Mario Buccellati with the most exquisite jewelry production process in Italy started Buccellati signs, and really Buccellati into the world’s top jewelry brand, is his son Gianmaria Buccellati pandora sapphire charm . The secret of Gianmaria’s success is design. He and his father, the most respected the art of the Renaissance – all creation is derived from nature. Nature is his source of inspiration. Flowers and trees, insects and birds are their common creative theme, even if it seems extremely abstract design, and mostly born out of nature Gianmaria also often refer to the eighteenth century French artist Roussari (Rocaille) creation, and learn its Essence, and strive to make jewelry move up, live up, worn on the neck, soft and comfortable wrist, not blunt. In 1973 pandora for kids , Gianmaria in Italy founded the “Italian gemological college”, to the younger generation to spread a variety of detailed knowledge of precious stones. In 1981, the Italian president awarded the Gianmaria “Cavaliere Di Gran Croce” medal in recognition of his contribution to culture and the arts.

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