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authentic pandora charms offers on pandora bracelets on sale

Silver is easy to absorb mercury, after absorbing mercury,2018 cheap leather pandora bracelets  the surface quality has been severely damaged, completely lost luster, the formation of silver amalgam (also known as mercury silver). In humid air, silver is easily corroded by sulfur vapor and hydrogen sulfide, making the surface black (which is one of the basic conditions for Thai silver). To this end, we in daily life should pay attention to the following matters discount pandora bracelets and charms :
1. Cosmetics not only contain mercury, but also contains sulfur, which can make silver to produce black silver sulfide. In addition, if the air contains sulfur is not appropriate to wear silver. Those who live in the chemical plant or in the chemical plant work people should pay attention to, and more can not wear silver Oh pandora jewelry sale online !
2. Ozone can also cause silver to turn black. Such as the daily life of the negative ion generator, disinfection cabinet should not be placed silver jewelry. In this popular era of silver, how to identify the quality of silver bracelet has become an indispensable knowledge of our lives. The following Xiaobian to introduce you to identify a few small silver bracelet tips –
1. color method: eye observation, looks white, shiny, fine workmanship,authentic pandora jewelry clearance  and printed on the jewelry shop number, for the fineness of high silver jewelry; poor color, poor color dull more jewelry.

2. Bend method: hand-fold silver jewelry, easy to bend easily fineness; stiff, reluctantly fade the fineness of the lower; by bending or hammer a few times will be cracked for the package of silver jewelry; Light fold, and easy to break for the fake.
3. throwing method: the silver jewelry from the top down on the platen, bounce is not high, the sound is smooth for the high color silver jewelry; throw on the platen to jump higher, where to buy cheap pandora charms sharp voice, for the fake Or fineness of silver jewelry.
4. Nitric acid identification method: the use of glass rods of nitric acid drops in the silver jewelry file mouth, was brown beige, slightly green fineness higher; was dark green, black fineness lower.
3. Some eggs poultry after the deterioration will produce hydrogen sulfide gas, if the work related to egg and poultry workers should not be worn at work time bracelets like pandora but cheaper .
4. Purification of tap water often contains bleach or chlorine, silver has a serious erosion, erosion of silver lost luster, resulting in white silver chloride. Therefore, should not wear silver bathing.
5. Detergent powder contains bleach, the main component of bleach is chlorine, silver has a certain role in the corrosion.
6. Mercury (mercury) and silver will work,silver and gold pandora charms  will be serious damage, and even the formation of mercury paste, so the use of thermometer should be careful.
7. Silver dissolved in hydrochloric acid, nitric acid, if engaged in this work will cause attention.
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